This is a multi-coin faucet site. You can faucet multi-coins at the same time. You can also earn by clicking short links, offerwalls, tasks and PTCs. You can also have daily bonus. There is a level system. You earn more as you gain levels. You can get paid in 24 hours. You can also exchange coins with each other. Each coin has its own withdrawal limit and threshold.


In this site you can earn coins and convert them to sat. Conversion rate is always mentioned on the lower left side of the site and it changes according to market value of BTC. You will have daily bonus even if you didn't log in yesterday. You can earn by clicking short links, PTCs and offerwalls. Each coin has its own withdrawal limit and threshold. You can get paid in 24 hours. As long as you progress, you will have some achievements which will reward you by coins or experience points which will help you to level up.


In this site there are many ads to surf and earn btc. There are also many offers to earn too. It's a paying site. You can also make your advertising here as surfed, windowed and video.


This is another site you can both earn and make advertising. It's a multi-language site, has more than 10 languages. You can earn from PTC's and Traffic Exchange to save for your advertising. You can also earn from watching videos.


Maybe this site has the most many ways to earn. PTC's, faucet, short links, jobs, CPU mining, investment game, offers, referral, shortlinks and offerwalls contests, lottery. Once you are in, you can spend good long time in this site.

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