Best 100 Crypto currencies according to their market values are listed here with lots of analysis and up to date info.


Ryzen CPUs are very compatible for mining with PC, especially the ones having high threads and more feasible compared to GPUs with the same mining power. It's time taking process, required to be very patient and don't expect to much to earn, instead focus on earning 1 piece of the crypto currency you are interested in then it will worth the costs. 


Means somebody rents his mining capabilities for you to mine on behalf of you. There are many fake one, be careful!. Check how long they have been online. Check comments about them on the net. Don't let them fool you by undertaking extreme interest ratios. Nobody can give more than banks do. So make your decision accordingly.  


Crypto currency investment is made in crypto currency stock market. Unfortunately, there isn't any certain indication of loosing or earning in this market. But it's good to benefit from the experts especially when there become surprise ups and downs. 

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